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Analog Power Press Release Archive

Reverse Chronological Order

December 1 2016

The 100-V AMR416N N-Channel MOSFET has an on-resistance of 10 m Ohm and half the input capacitance of prior devices making it ideal for synchronous rectification in travel chargers and similar applications.

September 1 2016

Low RDS 100-V P-Channel MOSFET for high side switching and regulation. The AM90P10-19B in a D2Pak package allows simple power switching with inrush limiting for 48V and higher bus voltages.

July 5 2016

New Record-Low RDS N-Channel 100V MOSFET in D2Pak Package for Motor Control

June 1 2016

New 200-V N-Channel MOSFETs for Power over Ethernet Applications Give Extra Voltage Headroom

May 6 2016

Improved Figure of Merit 30-V N-Channel MOSFETs for Synchronous Rectification

May 2 2016

Family of Improved Figure of Merit 150-V N-Channel MOSFETs for Power over Ethernet Applications

March 20 2016

40-V N-Channel MOSFET in 1.6 x 1.6 mm Surface Mount Package



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