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A New Focus on Power Management Semiconductors

Analog Power brings you a range of application-specific solutions for power management. Our wide selection of products includes N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFETs, with on-resistance as low as 1.5 mΩ, in packages such as DFN3x3-8, SO-8, lead-less SO-8 (exposed pad), Dpak and TO-220.

Founded and run by industry experts, Analog Power brings you the optimum devices for your circuits, applications expertise to complement them, and world-class manufacturing. More...


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Analog Power News

July 2016

Analog Power adds to its family of MOSFETs for power tools and high current motor drives by announcing the AM200N10-05B 100V, 5 m Ohm MOSFET. More details here...

May 2016

Analog Power releases three new cost-effective high Figure of Merit 150V MOSFETs for PoE applications. With on-resistance from 83 to 245 m Ohm, all common PoE power levels are covered. More details here...

February 2016

Analog Power releases AMB440N, a 40-V N-Channel MOSFET in the DFN1.6x1.6 package. With a footprint of 2.5 square millimeters, it reduces the board footprint to that of a flip-chip MOSFET but with much better thermal performance. More details here...


Analog Power News and press release archive can be found here

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